Ph.D Students

Ph.D. Awarded

Name of the PhD scholar Name of the Department Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of registration of the scholar Year of award of Ph.D
Harshal K Trivedi Chemistry M C Patel Evaluation of pharmaceutical quality with new chromatographic method 2011 2014
Dinesh S Patel Chemistry M C Patel Bio analytical assay method for estimation of drugs in human    plasma by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry 2011 2014
Rita R Patel Chemistry M C Patel Novel interacting blends on acryl terminated oligoimides and vinylmonomers 2011 2014
 Dinesh . I  . Panchal   History  Dr. Naresah Parikh Traditional Folkfair of Kutch region: A historical study (with special reference to Bhuj, nakhatrana, Rahpar and Bhachau talukas. 2012 2014
Jasmin H. Kumbhani Chemistry P.M.Chatrabhuji Studies on potentially bioactive heterocyclic compounds 2012 2016
Surendra B . Bariya  HIstory  Dr. Naresah Parikh Swatantra sangram ma purva Gujarat na aadivasio nu pradan ek ahitahasik adhyayan (Dahod ane Panchmhal jilla na sandarbh ma) 2012 2016
 Lalabhai .M .Nayi  History  Dr. Naresah Parikh A social and cultural changes in Nayee cast of North Gujarrat (1947 AD to 2000 AD) A historical study 2012 2016
Patel Illaben B. Gujarati Dr.B.S.Patel Madyakalin Gujarati Sahitya ma Swami Narayan sampraday na pramukh kavio ma krushna Bhakti Nu Nirupan 2012 2016
Shanti Swaroop Yadav Chemistry M C Patel Novel Bio-analytical Methods for Anti-malarial Drugs and Their Active Metabolites in Human Plasma by LC-MS/MS 2014 2017
Chaudhary Varshaben N. Gujarati Dr.B.S.Patel Anuaadhunik tunki varta ma samaj darshan 2012 2017
Nagjibhai Sagarbhai Rabari Mathemaics Dr.Ajay S. Gor Numerical study of non linear partial diffrential equation governing fluid flow through porous media 2012 2017
Patel Prakash Dahyalal Mathemaics Dr.Ajay S. Gor Multi-objective inventory models of deterioting items under fuzzy environment 2012 2017
Hardas N. Der Chemistry P.M.Chatrabhuji Design, synthesis. Pharmacological evaluation and structure activity relationship of novel heterocyclic compounds 2013 2018
Mansinhbhai M.Chaudhari  History  Dr. Naresah Parikh Historical Architactures of North Gujarat: A study 2014 2018
Vishnubhai  S Chaudhari  History  Dr. Naresah Parikh Gandhiyan institute of North Gujarat and their activities in different fields: A historical study 2012 2018



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