Research Projects

Research Projects

S.No. Year Name of Faculty Name of the Funding agency Title of the Project Amount Received (In Rupees) Amount received (in words)
1 2022-23 Dr.Harsha Soni GSBTM,DST, Govt. of Gujarat Bioprospecting of marine bacteria for biopolymer production from food waste 35,67,356 Rupees thirty five lac sixty seven thousand three hundred fifty six
2 2018-19 Dr.Minal Trivedi GSBTM,DST, Govt. of Gujarat Valorization of Vegetable and Fruit Market waste by Bioconversion 53,49,674 Rupees fifty three lac forty nine thousand six hundred seventy four.
3 2018-19 Dr.Kamlesh Shah GSBTM,DST, Govt. of Gujarat An integrated process to enhance the biological treatment effeciency and improve the quality of effluent discharge from paper and pulp industry. 66,01,458 Sixty six lac one thousand four hundred fifty eight.
4 2018-19 Dr.Harsha Soni GSBTM,DST, Govt. of Gujarat Development of Integrated waste water treatment systems using alternative innovative approaches of Microbial fuel cells , Magnetic Nanoparticles and Vermicomposting with Water Hyacinth for secondary sludge Management 48,96,574 Forty Eight Lac ninty six thousand five hundred seventy four.
5 2016-17 Dr Parimal Chatrabhuji GUJCOST Studies on Development of Analytical Method, Validation and application for some formulated drugs 1,60,000 One lakh sixty thousand
6 2016-17 Dr Vipin Patel GUJCOST Prodigious functionalized supramolecular assemblies:synthesis, Depiction and portential applications 2,10,000 Two lakh ten thousand
7 2015-16 Dr Ram Suthar CABI, UK To study Plant pathogen and Micropropagation of Chilly and Tomato 30,000 Thirty thousand
8 2013-14  Dr Minal Trivedi Kadi Sarvavishwavidyalaya Biotransformation of cellulosic waste into organic acids 1,20,000 One lakh twenty thousand
9 2013-14  Dr Kamlesh Shah Kadi Sarvavishwavidyalaya Micropropopagation and  pathological study of Chilly and Tomato 96,000 Ninety six thousand
10 2013-14 Dr Parimal Chatrabhuji Kadi Sarvavishwavidyalaya Synthesis, Characterization & biological evaluation of the novel nitrogen heterocycles of the biological importance 1,20,000 One lakh twenty thousand
11 2013-14 Dr Nilpa Patel UGC Matrimonial life and right of inheritance in the Manusmruti and Yagnavalkya Smruti 1,15,000 One lakh fifteen thousand
12 2013-14 Dr Mahakant Joshi UGC Post Independent Sanskrit Literature in Gujarat State 87000 Eighty Seven thousand
13 2013-14 Dr Mahakant Joshi Kadi Sarvavishwavidyalaya Vardhamansuri: As a Rasabhavak 21000 Twenty one thousand
14 2013-14 Dr B. S. Patel Kadi Sarvavishwavidyalaya Plot Construction in the Novels of Bhagavatikumar Sharma 20,000 Twenty thousand
15 2013-14 Dr Naresh Parikh Kadi Sarvavishwavidyalaya Social Reformative Activities of Maharaja Sayajirao Gayakwad III 20,000 Twenty thousand
16 2013-14 Dr Ashok Patel Kadi Sarvavishwavidyalaya Lost Sale recapture in New Vender frame work 10,000 Ten thousand



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