• “To keep pace with global advances in education, by providing value based knowledge and nurturing professional skills in the areas of Science, Arts and Vocation, with special emphasis on societal elevation through rural development”


  • To achieve the status of “Centre for Excellence” after being recognized as ‘College with Potential for Excellence’.
  • To make students more employable through Vocation Education
  • To raise self-employability through Students’ Start Ups and Innovations.
  • To strengthen Industry-Academia linkages for advance curriculum design, training and placement.
  • To develop new Teaching – Learning Pedagogy to stimulate “Digital Educational Youth”
  • To cultivate research attitude and soft skills among the students.
  • To instill enthusiasm for preservation of languages, art and cultural heritage.
  • To create state of the art infrastructure to facilitate teaching, research and sports.
  • To promote the teachers for consultancy and patent generation.
  • To contribute to societal elevation by empowering women through Value based education.



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